As a father to a four year old and one on the way --- fighting for education in New Hampshire is extremely personal. In the time of COVID, the risk to public education funding is higher than ever. I will fight to ensure that our children have access to quality education and that educators are supported by the state. 


It’s critical that we make higher education more affordable in the state in order to retain our young people and feed our growing economy. New Hampshire is currently last place in terms of affordability -- we must do better. I’m proud to be a leader on this issue on the Portsmouth City Council. 


I believe that our young people should have the opportunity to graduate high school with the ability to get a job that supports a life and family. That means allocating funding to vocational education and promoting work in the trades. 




New Hampshire struggles with retaining and attracting young families to our state. It’s critical that we address the affordable housing crisis that burdens so many of our communities in order to secure our economic future for the next generation.


We must recognize COVID has changed much of our economy. As technology business leader, I have real world experience running a business and supporting other business owners with a changing economy. In the senate, I’ll champion key objectives to make our economy more friendly to startups of all types and build our workforce for generations to come. 




When my wife, Lori, first became sick with an autoimmune disease, we were left scrambling. As she struggled for survival, I struggled with how we would be able to afford the search for a diagnosis. We had good insurance but it wasn’t enough to keep us from going into debt to pay the mounting medical bills. I am dedicated to expanding access to quality and affordable healthcare for Granite Staters. 



Full funding for the vital health services that Planned Parenthood provides to tens of thousands of Granite State is non-negotiable, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic that has had considerable impact on sexual and reproductive health. In the senate, I will never compromise when it comes to defending and expanding Planned Parenthood's ability to serve our communities. This is a matter of public health, abortion access, reproductive justice, and violence prevention--not partisan politics. I have seen the importance of the work that Planned Parenthood does in my own community and would pledge to not just be an ally, but a champion for issues of sexual and reproductive health and health care delivery. I will also defend the right to bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom for every individual as the health and economic imperatives that they are.



Black Lives Matter and systemic racism exists in New Hampshire. We cannot turn a blind eye to the calls for reform or claim like our Governor that a problem doesn't exist. I was proud to support naming Portsmouth a Racial Justice Municipality as a City Councilor, which included regular implicit bias training for our officials and staff. I would look to bring those efforts to the state level.



It is imperative that we protect our planet. That means creating legislation to fight climate change and promoting safe, renewal energy. I have a strong connection to the Great Bay after spending countless years rowing its waters. I will do everything I can to protect our state’s natural treasures for the next generation and keep our drinking water safe from PFAS and contaminants which are making people sick.


I remember sitting with my father 11 years ago as the house heard testimony in support of the marriage equality bill that he co-sponsored and worked to pass. I remember my cousin standing up and stating what it meant to her to be able to marry her girlfriend. I was very proud of all those that fought for it, and that as a state we passed it through the legislator, or as my friend Jim Splaine says we didn't need the courts. We went in the front door. Government doesn't always lead opinion but in this case it might have kept up. I believe we need to do an awful lot more to create the type of society discrimination doesn't exist and plan to fight for that future. 


It should be legal and taxed. We are surrounded by states and even an entire country where this is the case. It would help our state revenues and that's a good thing but its not the sole reason I support it. It's a matter of safety and justice as well. 


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